Handbook for Altar Servers
44 page booklet green cardstock cover
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Chapter 1 - Correct Serving at the Altar
Chapter 2 - Low Mass with One Server
Chapter 3 - Parish Low Mass with Two Servers
Chapter 4 - High Mass (Two Servers)
Chapter 5 - Requiem High Mass and Funeral
Chapter 6 - Solemn High Mass
Chapter 7 - Solemn Requiem High Mass
Chapter 8 - Simple Vespers
Chapter 9 - Benediction
Chapter 10 - Processions
Appendix I - Communion outside Mass
Appendix II - Server’s Mass Prayers
Appendix III - Server’s Prayers (Vesting and Devotion to St. Aloysius)

This excellent and concise guide for altar servers assists men and boys in learning to serve the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missale Romanum). The Handbook for Altar Servers describes the roles of each server in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Liturgy (i.e. the role of the thurifer, Master of Ceremonies, acolytes, etc. are carefully described for each ceremony.) The Cantius Webstore is happy to offer the Handbook for Altar Servers at the low price of $15.00 (USD), plus shipping and handling charges.